Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Knitty Knitty Bo Biddy

So the time has changed, and by change I mean time change not really weather change, and it is time to stop being mad at knitting.  You may wonder how one gets mad at knitting. Well let me tell you how we broke up for a couple of months.

In January I decided to finally bite the bullet and knit a lace shawl with lace yarn.  I have been telling myself since 2008 that I was not experienced enough to handle lace yarn.  The fact that it was so fine of a yarn scared me and also size...whoa.  The lace shawl was Nancy Bush's Lily of the Valley Shawl.  So I cast on this bad boy and began working a few rows everyday.  No rush. My date was set to finish by summer so I can wear it to the convention.
The progress I made in the first 3 days was pretty obvious that the pattern was going to be delightful to look at.  It was pretty simple following the chart and learning about nupps.  By the beginning of the next month I had finished up the 4th or 5th repeat of the pattern.
Status beginning Feb.
Although I was taking a pottery class at the time I still made time for knitting.  Slowly the shawl was growing.
Status beginning April
In June I finally finished the body of the shawl and just had to finish off the border and block it.
Status beginning June
I was on schedule to finish....and then something happened.  As I was picking up the stitches for the boarder I realized that at some point I snagged the shawl.  I tried to fix it but there was no lifeline. There was just utter sadness.  If I believed in signs I would have created a million of scenarios which included 'you are never going to wear this on your wedding day.' Well its a good thing I wasn't getting married but I was just so sad that it didn't survive. I have yet to frog the shawl.  It just sits in my packers tin waiting ....just waiting. 
So it is now November and I have decided that maybe its time.  No not time to start over.....that will take me a while longer to recover.  I have decided to stop being mad at knitting (myself) and pick up the needles.  Also I was on ravelry and realized I haven't knit anything besides a scarf and finishing up a few UFO's.