Monday, March 31, 2014

A-Z Challenge

OH no!  I have committed to something I'm not sure I can do...

I write and think on most days haha but transferring from my brain to paper to blog takes me forever. 

I'm going to attempt to stay on track with it all.  My sister encouraged me to so it so most likely she will 'check up' on me. 

You can visit the A-Z Challenge blog to read more about it. But the gist of it all is I have to write every day of April except Sunday's and the content has to follow the ABC's. 

Example would be like this picture:  I don't intend to write about animals but these are stinkin' cute.
Found on Google but belongs to Loopz Etsy Printshop (Now I must own!)

Feel free to leave comments but please don't make me cry. 

Sunday, March 30, 2014

21 Day Fix Review

So I just finished 2 rounds of the 21 Day Fix Program. 
I have to say I really loved this program.  I'm one of those people who don't like to take the time to have something different everyday and then have leftover ingredients I don't know what to do with.  This program I just modified what I normally eat and portioned everything out.  Then schedule myself to eat between 2-3 hours.  So for example I would have a snack (almonds) at 4:45am before working out at 5am.  Then I would have breakfast at 7am.  Pretty simple right.  Oh and also I have found that I have picked up some of Autumn's (the trainer) words...yah.
I'm pretty happy with the results and the guidance.  I am not super stick with myself because its a lifestyle change not a diet.  So I had the wine, chocolate and ice cream when I wanted.  With all that said I lost 4lb and 2" off my waist. 
However I am super proud of my mom.  She came over everyday to workout with me in the morning and she lost 7lbs and 3" off her waist.
I probably tortured her not because of the workouts but because of my 'bland' food.  She added chili to make it flavory. The first 21days I prepped and packed all her meals except breakfast.  Then the following round each week she had to take on a meal.  First she was responsible for her lunches, then the following week dinners and then lastly her own snacks.  It is so awesome to hear her tell my sister how it has been working for her.  My mom is no longer pre-diabetic and is planning to continue to be my workout buddy.
Next starting March 31st we are going to do a Turbo Fire/ Chalean Extreme 4 week combo.
I can post the schedule later.
If you have any questions about the program feel free to comment below.