Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Ultimate Reset Day 6, 7, 8

So let me start out by saying it is hard to maintain on the weekends for me.  I had a crazy busy weekend and I felt like I was not going to be able to stay on top of this 'diet'.
Day 6: So for breakfast I had oatmeal with flax seeds and apple also I had plain Greek yogurt with some maple in it.  For a late lunch I had quinoa salad (you can see that it is a picture taken on my lap) and then for dinner zucchini cashew soup and roasted root medley.  I loved the roasted medley since it had beets, yam and carrots....really good oh yeah onion in there too. 
Day 7 was ehhhh.  Breakfast included steamed spinach, tempeh and avocado.  And for lunch (no picture) I had micro green salad with some rice and beans.  I don't think I like tempeh cuz that is the only thing I had different that day and I had the worst stomach ache.  However I did not learn my lesson since my dinner included tempeh again along with brown rice and broccoli. 

Day 8: Monday began my new week starting the detox phase.  I had to have a plate of fruit for breakfast and since my fruit was frozen I made a drink.  Then for lunch I had a micro green salad.  For dinner it was rice and beans with zucchini and string beans.  It was a good dinner to end the night. 

Oh and in case you are wondering the detox drink looks like poop....yeah poop.  However it taste pretty good.  It has things like chia seeds, flax seeds, lemon powder and other things.  So far the detox has not made me feel ill in any way.  Yay for me since that means I probably eat okay enough to not bring on bad side effects.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Ultimate Reset Recap Day 3, 4, 5

The reset has gone well.  I have been posting all my meals on instagram.  Here is the rest of my week. I think I am getting the hang of this cooking stuff but I will look forward to the freedom of not following a meal plan.  I do plan on making some of these foods again.
So here goes. On Day 3 I had scrambled eggs with steamed spinach and toast.  Really good breakfast.  I used to gag when eating steamed spinach but I mixed it with my eggs and it was really good.  I kind of wanted more toast to go alone with it.  For lunch I had a double double.  No not a hamburger but 2 salads, lentil-lime and micro green salad.  Then for dinner I attempted to make a Japanese dinner.  I had miso soup, cucumber salad and nori rolls.
The nori rolls were the ones that gave me a problem.  I need more practice ^_^

Day 4 was okay.  I had a plate of fruit in the morning.  However wasn't supposed to have the oranges...oh well.  And then for lunch I had lentil lime salad and also nori rolls but no picture since I squished them.  Gotta get down the trick to cutting rolls...sharp knife? For dinner I had stir fry veggies and brown rice and a side salad.
This was the night I went to farmers market and I was being so lazy but my mom really encouraged me on the drive home to just do it.  So I did.  And I am glad I did.  I wanted to go out for sushi so bad!  But sticking to it!

Well moving on to day 5. For breakfast I had farina (rice cereal) and oh boy was it good. I could have eaten more! Reminded me of the Gerber food I used to eat as a kid. Yes a kid...I know that stuff is for babies but I used to love to make some with milk and eat them flakes. For lunch I had another salad type meal. It was quinoa, tomato's and cucumbers. Then for dinner I had miso soup and stir fry w/brown rice.

So far I have been really good and stuck to the meal plan. The funny thing is that if I had a family I would totally make the effort for them but I don't for myself.  Now I know I can do both. So far!

Again if you want to know more about the ultimate reset you can check out http://myultimatereset.com/LilyOjedi
 or feel free to leave me a comment.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Ultimate Reset Day 2 Recap

So it was a good day.  I had my water for the day:
So here is the run down
Breakfast was oatmeal with blueberries & yogurt with maple
Lunch was huge.  Greek salad with greek dressing
 Then dinner: A taco.... but how was I gonna fit the food in just 1 taco....so I had to eat the rest from the bowl.  It was good except that the cumin and corriander powder makes my eyes water.

Day 2 down and now moving on to day 3. 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Ultimate Reset Day 1 Recap

Day 1 went well.  I woke up and did a few stretching moves since I am used to doing some kind of activity in the morining. I drank my water with mineralize and took my optimize supplements.  Here is a quick video that talks about the supplements

Then I had to wait 30 mins before I had breakfast so it was shower time. (said that like Hammertime)
Well here is a picture of my breakfast... I know you will just love it
Eggs, spinach, toast
 Then a half hour before I eat lunch I had to drink my purple bottle of water with mineralize and my optimize again.
Then it was time for lunch: I made my own dressing.  It was so good I have never had fresh and I like it.  Also had a salad and miso soup.
Creamy Garlic Dressing and Toasted Pumpkin seeds (Yes I toasted them myself)

BIG Salad (loved the jicama) All the veggies I had to slice and dice myself.  I tried out my mandolin I got from pampered chef and well I guess I have to be a real good cook to like to use it.  I was thinking of asking my little sister if she wanted to have it since she asked about it.

Miso soup.  Went overboard on the onions....
 My midday suppliment was alkalinze.  Just tasted like a shot of wheatgrass.
Another video that explains what it supposed to help with.
Then my dinner.  I made it at my friends house since we had knitting night.  It was a nice evening but I felt bad that I took up some of our time talking and eating.
It was marinading in some yummy goodness...basil and parsley were involved here

Asparagus, potatoes, and baked salmon

 All in all a good day. My cooking skills are getting somewhat better. I am still working on the video and they should be up in a day or two.  I feel like such a weirdo videotaping myself but I try to stop laughing and pretend I am talking to my sister....I don't think that is helping but then it kind of does.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Ultimate Reset Prep Day

I went shopping at our local farmers market on Thursday to get my produce. Check out my fridge:

It smells so good!
Sunday was my food preperation day.  I made my salad dressings, quinoa, brown rice green salad and miso soup. I also toasted pumpkin seeds.  Sorry I forgot to take more pictures. But my next post will show my food for the day.
If you would like to know more about my cleanse you can visit my site :
I hope to have my video up on YouTube soon.