Thursday, March 21, 2013

Lily's Pad

When I was in elementary school I hated when people would call me Lily Pad.  I would just laugh like it was no big deal but I just hated the way it sounded.  However as I got older I liked it because I loved nature and a flower of a lily pad is actually quite pretty

See... So then my overconfident self would say 'Yes I am as beautiful as a lily pad and her flower.  Well when my friends came over to my house they doubted it The Lily Pad.  So let me give you a little look at my temporary improvements.  I say temporary because things change and I might like to move things around.  So to begin with my exercise area:

This little nook in my house holds my treadmill and row machines.  They both fold up and then I can tuck them away behind the screen I purchased at Pier One.  You can't see it here maybe later I will post pics about it.  Then in the background you see my hoops, staff's, weights, tennis rackets, kettle bell weights and dumbbells. I want to create a system to organize all that stuff but then I think that maybe I might move it into the garage.  MAYBE
(I can't see myself getting up early to go into the cold garage)

Then I would like to welcome you to the bedroom....
Well you can't stay but it looks comfy yeah!
If I didn't sleep naked I would leave the windows open all the time to enjoy the sun and moon. 

Hahaha just kidding I don't sleep naked. I love pajamas! Feel free to gift me some anytime haha
Just thought of this when I said pajamas.....creepy!
And here comes my kitchen.
Well now I have a kitchen table so I will have to update this too... oh and pictures on the wall
Ooo I have a pic of the table someone gave me so here it is...
Here you see my set up for now.
My neighbor has a lemon tree that gives me at least 2 lemons a day.
Well sad news ....they trimmed back their tree...I hope it grows back my way
Well here is what I look at when I was dishes...
I have more cookbooks which I will have to give back to those who let me borrow them.
Moving along here is my stove and dishwasher. 
And here is my fridge.
Well actually my old fridge. I had to get a new one Check it out!

 Oh and I do have a bathroom...two
My bathroom

The guest bathroom

Well that is all for now.  I hope you enjoyed seeing what I have done to my house.  I really appreciate my friends who helped me get my shower rods installed and pictures hung...  And gifts to make it my home.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Slim in 6: Down 2lbs in week 1

The first week with Slim in 6 Start it up! was pretty good. I lost about 2lbs. This is surprising to me since I have not really changed much in my diet. I have gotten much better at the lunges that Debbie makes me do. (Yes I am one of those weird people who talk back to the TV) My arms/shoulders still feel weak holding them up for so long doing bicep curls and triceps push.

I have not made it to the gym in the morning.  I like working out at home now that I can do so.  My contract ends in July so I am pretty sure I will cancel it.  I love doing weights and spinning classes. I am not much of a social butterfly so I don’t think I will miss the people.  Again I go (went) at 4am and just power through my workout and leave.  I am not a chatty Cathy.  I guess I can double up on my workouts and do mornings at the gym and evening workout with Debbie.

I started week 2 of Slim in 6 today, Ramp it up! It is a double workout.  I didn’t use the resistance bands this time because I wanted to make sure I can actually do the moves.  I will use them tomorrow.  Here are my stats for this morning workout. 

The change I am making this week is to including shakeology for my breakfast.  I normally have oatmeal with flaxseed and almond milk.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Starting Slim in 6

I did my first ‘Slim in 6’ work out this morning. 

I normally will go to the gym from 4-5am. At the gym I do some weights and some form of cardio that gets me in the fat burning zone (according to my heart rate monitor).   Well I have not made it to the gym this week because of the time change.  Yes I am blaming the time change.  My body just does not want to get going because it still thinks it is 2:30am and not 3:30am.  This morning was no different.  I got up and figured since I didn’t make it to the gym I would do my work out I had planned for the evening.   So from 5-6am I did Slim in 6: Start it up!, slim & limber, slim & 6-pack.

Here are my thoughts so far:

Start it up! was a pretty good.  My arms were killing me or I should say my shoulders.  Also the lunges are not my friend and I look forward to our continuance love/hate relationship.  Lunges the exercise I know will do wonders for my legs but they burn so bad (burn not hurt…if you do this program and they hurt please modify).

I LOVE slim & limber.  It is the stretching I need to do but always overlook it.  I am so tempted to bring it to work and do on a break so I can get away from the desk. 

Slim & 6-pack was crazy.  I felt the burn right away.  I can’t wait until tomorrow to see if I get sore.
Here is a picture I posted on Instagram:
My numbers might be a little odd since I kept it going from start to finish and not just during Start it up! which I believe to have been the best combination of low-impact cardio moves and light resistance to keep me the majority of my time in the fat buring zone. 
Oh yes and the "before" picture: (I have some real before pics somewhere...eshh) 

Oh yeah it is a 6 week program but I am doing it for 3 weeks since I want to do a cleanse in April....the only time I seem not to have some kind of food related outting.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Learning Hindi

So I started working on another of my 30 before 30 goals. So far I have learned 6 favorite is 'U'
I have to see if my phone supports Hindi script so as to show you... But then again I can take pictures.