Sunday, February 10, 2013

Fun Times

A couple of days ago I attended a congregation meeting in Hindi.  There was a sister visiting from San Diego who spoke Hindi and is a doctor.  Anyways a friend of mine invited me to hang out with them for the night.  It was already 8pm ish and when she was good to go we head out.  We all went to San Luis Obispo to check out what there was to do.  We tried one place but it was packed since a live band was there.  Then we went to a tea and coffee place.  It was nice getting to know the group.  After we went to check out Madonna Inn.  We snuck in to see the pee waterfall in the guys restroom and the golden women's room.  Then we hit up SLO pier, Avila Beach, and Pismo Pier. Let's just say I didn't get home til way late or early the next morning.

I didn't take pictures but the other did.  Maybe I can get a copy of one.