Monday, December 23, 2013

2014 Planner Set up

So I have begun to set up my planner for 2014. I will be using an erincondren planner. I kind of using it as an all in 1 notebook/journal/planner.

The cover is very sturdy and pretty. I wanted the sea horse design but was too dark for my liking.
I added stickers in the inside pages.
I am using the year at a glance to log my workouts. And as I told my co-worker ...going up and down the stairs at work doesn't count as a workout.
I jazzed up another page with stickers and washi.

My month for Janurary already is marked for my weigh-ins and workout schedule.

My first week looks like this. I am attempting to do 30 days of organization from FlyLady so it's marked with what I gotta do.

Well that's it so far....

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Bright Colorful Pens and Markers for Life

I use pens for note taking and on my planner. I think I have a problem because I can't share. The pens I use for my planner are for my planner. I have another set for my bible reading and a separate set for note taking.

I used to have more but I have shared. 

I also have sharpies and markers.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

2014 Monthly Calendar for Control Journal

So I am making a Fly Lady control journal and need a calendar so I made this basic one to go inside.  I make it a 2 page monthly calendar so I can write more if needed.  Not sure what I will be using these for as I am slowly building this journal. The size is for an 11 x 8.5 ARC binder.

Download Here


Yup.  I am vain vain vain.  The reason to get fit would be to cosplay.  I would like to pull off phoenix but I know I would not be happy with a tummy.  Anyways check out this guy.  Real motivation here. 
Awesome right! 

2014 Monthly Planner Pages

So I was playing around to see if I could make my own planner for 2014.  This is what I came up with for the monthly pages.  As you can see it is pretty plain.  The reason you ask...cuz I know you're asking... is because I use stickers, washi tape, colored pens, and highlighters to jazz up my things.  This is supposed to be an 8 1/2 x 5 1/2 to fit my ARC notebooks.  I think I will attempt a basic weekly format as well. But for now enjoy.  Feel free to leave a comment if you like em.  If you don't click away from my feelings get hurt easily. :-P

Tokidoki Nails

Looking spiffy

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Knitting Season

First off I want to announce that I have merged my 2 blogs into 1.  My knitting blog seemed to act up not letting people comment or even read.  LAME.  So back to the original.
I haven't been able to post about my accident since that issue has not been resolved yet.  Just know this: I am doing much better, still don't have a car and donations are always welcome.
So back to the knitting.
I started a new scarf for the season.  It kind of looks like a SF Giants scarf cuz of the colors but its not.  The story behind that yarn is that this scarf began about 5 years ago for a friend.  It was supposed to be a wedding present for my friend who moved to New York.  Well the person who started the scarf had not finished and gave it to me to finish.  She gave me the pattern and the scarf.  Well I have no idea what she was doing since the scraf did not match the pattern.  It looked like a 3x3 rib scarf so I unraveled it and began a new.  Hopefully it should be done watching a few games.  I love mindless knitting when it comes to watching sports.
This weekend we played the 49ers.  We lost but I got in some good knitting.  Also didn't hurt that their QB was cute hehe.  Tired to load a pic but it's not working.  My fav move from the game would have to be Nelson's catch. (Made me think Ballerina)

 Here is a picture of my scarf.  It is double in length now.  I hope to finish it off and send it on its way before I decide to keep it.  Just kidding I wouldn't do that.

 If ever I go to a packers game I NEED to have this outfit....or similar.  I would be so darn cute!