Monday, December 31, 2012

My first night....

I spent my first night at my new place.   I also go my queen size bed from Costco however it is not set up yet.  Sleeping in the spare room.  Well I guess it wasn't the best night to move in.  I was sick and had a cough and also FIREWORKS!!

Oh yes here is a picture of the Costco haul.
Also my bike goes in the garage since I can't get the door to work to get my car in there.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Homeowner at 28

Go ahead and queue the music.

I don’t like to blow my own horn but here goes.  I bought my first house at the age of 28.  Well that’s the story I’m going to tell.  The reality is that I didn’t move in until almost a full 2 months after I turned 29.  However my deal was accepted one day before my 29th birthday so I’m going with my story of 28. 

Now owning a home was a goal of mine that I thought I wanted after I was married for a few years.  Well I’m not married.  I am not even close to being married.  I love my independence and I have heard that I am too picky in what I want.   Seriously I love my independence to go here or there whenever.  I just can’t see myself tied down to someone who can’t pull their own weight.  I want to want that person in my life not NEED them.  Okay back to the house story at hand.

In August 2012 I started working with a realtor.  She had me meet with a mortgage lender to see if it was even possible for me to afford it.  So after the question and answer part of our meeting he told me I had really good credit and that as soon as I found a house he would give me my pre-approval letter.  Now let me tell you when looking for a house you want to be pre-approved not just pre-qualified.

August I found my dream house in the perfect neighborhood!  Well my dreams were crushed because my offer was not accepted. Boohoo how could life go on?  Seriously I was depressed for days.  Then September came around and I think I looked at over 20 houses and made about 5 offers with no result.  (See I tell you out of the 20 only 5…picky).  Now I put in 3 more offers at the beginning of October with my heart crushed I felt like this process was going to take forever.  Then I get the email….Your offer has been accepted!!  Wooohooo I am going to own a house.  Wooohoooo….wait now what?  Well the month of November it was email after email of information to bring in to my loan guy then my realtor then inspections and appraisals. So I get my keys in December right well…. again more waiting.  I then go in to the escrow office and sign the paperwork saying the house is MINE.  I feel like those little birds in finding nemo….mine….mine…MINE…MINE.  Well no not yet you have to wait week before you get your keys…

So yesterday I got my keys!! And now begins the process of moving in.  I have the luxury of moving in when I am on holiday from work.  The best part is no major work has to be done.  Well expect kill the roses….

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Long Story about a Silly Hat

So the story behind the cozy hat…

So let me begin this by saying I used to work at Michael’s Craft and Yarn Store. I worked there for about 4 or 5 years. It was a good fun job but I wanted something else…or maybe I just wanted to work with new people. Well the day I submitted my 2 week notice to our store manager I got in a major tif with a customer. I know the customer is always right but sometimes they are just stupid. So the manager on duty had to play nice with that customer because I didn’t feel like taking their abuse. Well apparently that came off as ‘not normal’. Yes not normal from me because I am the super nicest person you would ever have work for you and a hard worker at that. So the next day after my shift I get called in to talk with the store manager about ‘the incident’ and if that was the reason I was leaving. I told her that I found an excellent job elsewhere and it was time for me to leave. Apparently I had upset this other manager so instead of 2 weeks that was my last day. It was completely my choice but with that said I gave her the low down of everyone in the store who was good and who was bad; who was stealing and who was near the brink of sexual harassment….more of an annoyance. So I left that store with the intentions of never going back again…EVER.

Well from time to time I want to see what clearance items I can score from the store so I go and try not to be spotted. I know now that the majority of the people that used to work there don’t anymore.

So on one of my spy trips to Michael’s I came across this yarn that said it glowed in the dark. What?! Glow in the dark….I must have a million to make myself glow in the dark. Okay I will settle for 2 skeins to test and see if this yarn really does glow in the dark. The yarn was from Bernat and now has been discontinued. Well I tried to knit socks with them (don’t laugh…It was my first attempt of just getting the basics down). So I ripped them out because eww. Then one of my co-workers was asking me about a rasta type hat. I thought yeah no problem. I figured well let me try to make one first and then I will make you one. So I cast on for the Bad Hair Day Hat by Karen Harper.

Well I took it to work and asked her what she thought. She loved it! So guess what? I gave that one to her.

End of story…. I saw her wear it once or twice but I think if she would have held out for a rasta version it would have worked out to be her favorite hat.

The only pictures I have of it is on my ravelry page.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Walked the San Francisco Bridge

Yes I have accomplished one thing off of my 30 things to do before turning far.
My mother, sister and I went to San Francisco this November and accomplished this goal. We stayed at the Comfort Inn By the Bay in the Russian Hill area.  It was a really nice place to stay.
My bed and the view of the bridge

So in the morning we drove to the bridge to walk it but it was not that simple.  There was construction and Siri was well not using google maps (I really just want to say she was being stupid but I think it is because Siri and Google are not friends right now).  So we did not make the exit Presidio/Golden Gate because of construction.  The sign was in the way!!!! So we crossed over the bridge.  My sister was probably frustrated with me but I am putting all the blame on Siri. So we leave San Francisco County and enter Marin County. 

We exit at Vista Point and decide that since there is free parking (well 4 hours free but it wasn't gonna take that long right...) we will take advantage of this and do our bridge walk. 

Now let me tell you a little secret. I told my mom and sister the bridge walk was 1.5 miles to walk so a total of 3 right...well it is actually 3.6 miles long.

I know I know I felt kind of bad since that day was kind of windy but it was something I needed to do.  While I was there I also ran on the bridge because they had speedometers for bicyclist and well with a race coming up the next day I wanted to see how fast I was.  It clocked me at 12-13 miles per hour...

 Much fun! I would go back and do it again.
Oh yeah you can check out my sister post about our experiance.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

30 Things to Do Before I Turn 30

So last year my sister mentioned to me how she would like to take an Aerial Class and I came across a blog  that talked about the experience of taking the class. Also I decided to go through her blog and read her list of goals she wanted to do before she turned thirty. I thought well I will try that too however I only had a year and a half to accomplish these things. So here is my list: 

Read the bible (chronology)
Go horseback riding
Try a Pole Dance Class
Try an Aerial Class
Knit the Lily shawl
Walk the San Francisco Bridge
Try Snowboarding
Try Surfing
Stamp in passport
Attend a Green Bay Packer Game
Do a 30 day fast/juice
Learn to ride a bike
Visit the Grand Canyon
Take a Hike
Goal weight of 130
365 picture project
Run in a 10k race
Take Hot air balloon ride
Try Ballroom dancing
Try Archery
Watch a Cirque du Soleil show
Crux climb to top
Visit a National Park
Learn Hindi
Attempt to Bartend
Take Pottery class
Simplify my closet
Have a Spa day
Try yoga
Improve Cooking skills

I have already accomplished a few of these items and will post a seperate blog on my accomplishments. 
Oh and on a side note I know I will not accomplish everything on my list since I am buying my first house this month and I am okay with that.  I sure am gonna try to do as much as possible though.  I look forward to creating my 35 before 35 list when I turn 30.   

Fingerless Mitts for Cynthia

So back in 2008 my friend was getting married. She, a California girl, was going to marry a man who lived in New York. There wedding was taking place in December so guess what….weather shock! We live in sunny California and now she was moving to Winterland New York. So knowing that I wanted to get her a goodbye present she could use I knit her mitts in her favorite color. I hope she enjoyed them!! Guess what?! This was my first fingerless mittens and cable work. I was on my way to being a real knitter.
Can you see the sheen of the acrylic....

This picture is more true to the color.

Friday, December 7, 2012

What's on my needles?

I haven’t been knitting much but when the weather turns a tad cooler I start up again. So I have a few things cast on like any normal knitter would. I still am working on Maleficent. You can find the pattern here: Percy Shawl~

I also found a UFO while packing some of my yarn. I called it my NY autum scarf. Pictures will come later... However here is the link of the pattern:

My recient cast on was a frilly scarf because someone gave me the yarn and I wanted to try it out. Here is a pic of what it looks like right now:

I am also supposed to start a KAL (knitalong) with my friend Maria. I am knitting myself a sweater. ^_^ Here is the pattern link:
This is the yarn I am using:
Happy knitting!

Monday, December 3, 2012

MIA - Missing in action

Well as you know when I get busy and don’t make time to write I can go a long time with anything on the blog.  For the last 5 months I have been taking an online Italian course  This class is pretty intense. I like the class because even though I am doing the work online I feeling I am learning the basic language vocabulary and grammar. However since I don’t have people to practice with my pronunciation of works is not that great. I think some time immersed in the language would really help. Trip to Italy you say?

Another reason (excuse) was since July/August I have been in search of buying a house.  Yup you read right.  I am going to be a homeowner.  I found a few houses but after about 2/3 long months one of my offers was finally accepted.  The process is just as long or longer after.  Hopefully all goes well and I get to move in before the New Year. 
I have also have been working on my 30 goals before I turn 30.  So during this time away from the blogger I was training to run in a 10k in San Francisco.  You think I would have lost a bunch of weight but my amazing sister stuck to plan more than I did.  You can read about her experience here:

So with that all said and done…I think I had put too much on my plate cuz I came down with something called Bell’s palsy.  I have to say I am 90% recovered.  I am just trying to stay calm and not stress so much. 
I will fill all y’all in more later with a bit more detail on everything.
My big purchase this year!!!