Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Weight Watchers Success

I know you have not heard from me in a while.  Don't worry I have not fallen off the wagon.  However I feel like I am grabbing the rains and being pulled along.  Or maybe its like a vigorous ride on a machanical bull ride ready to be flung off.  But in all seriousness here are a few highlights of my progress and updates on what I have been up to.

1.  I recieved my 5% sticker from weight watchers.  I recieved it a while ago but I wanted to make sure I actually deserved it and didn't sabatoge myself after.  My 5% loss was 9lbs.  Now I need to work on my 10% which is to loose 17lbs. 

2. I have also earned (2) 5lbs stars.  I got my second 5lb. star when I lost my 5%.  However the last couple of weeks I have been in a plateu where I gain and loose 1lb.

3. I am doing better with my running.  I have a 10k race in about a month.

4. I took a kickboxing class in the summer which really helped my weighloss efforts.

Here is a pic of my charm for attending WW meetings.

Here is a pic of what I kind of look like right now.