Friday, May 11, 2012

Weight Watcher Meeting Review

I thought I was going to have a bad week since last weekend I went to the drive in with my family to see The Avengers and John Carter.  I ate pizza; Not any old pizza but delicious white sauce with fluffy crust pizza.  I also had coconut which is a lot of points.  Example 1 cup is 8 points.  I really really wanted to have nachos but I was too full.  I love nacho cheese!  

The ones at my drive in are double in size ^_^
I guess I made it up during the week since I lost 1 pound.  I am on week 7 attending WW meetings and I have so far lost 7.8 pounds. I need to lose 1.2 more pounds to reach my 5% mark.  I can really tell on my arms that I am losing weight.  I think I am pretty vain because when I wash my hands in the bathroom I take a little longer rubbing the soap in because I am watching the muscles in my arm move. 

Today at our WW meeting we discussed Motivation.  Thus the challenge began.  To motivate us our leader Debbie has challenged her groups to lose 10 pounds in 8 weeks.  She will be putting together a grand price basket to raffle off at the end of the challenge.  How do we get our names in the raffle?  Every time we lose one pound we get our name submitted.  (Wish it would have started today.) Every time our group loses 15 pounds as a unit we all get entered into the raffle.  So it begins! 

So we were asked what keeps us motivated.  I couldn’t think of anything right away.  I thought maybe my health but I feel pretty good.  Then I thought maybe a guy but don’t have my own or even an attractive one I want to look all good for.  Then it came to me: Travel.  I love to travel and I like to make an impact as a traveler.  I like to dress well when traveling and looking good is important to me.  I tell you vain. I shouldn’t care what random people I will never see again think but I do.  I want them to look at me and think ‘she is beautiful’, ‘she has it all together’, ‘she looks classy’.  

She also asked us what motivates us to go to the gym.  I go to the gym at 4am.  Some days I don’t want to but I do.  I have 2 things that motivate me.  One is my sticker calendar at home.  Growing up I would always get stickers and stamps on my school work if I did well.  I loved those teachers and my stamp of job well done.  So I bought a calendar and put all 12 months up on my wall.  Each time I go to the gym I get a sticker.  I love to see that I make it at least 3 times a week.  My other motivation to be at the gym at 4am is because I like to use the weights in the ‘men’s’ side.  And by going early I only have to deal with a few older men opposed to a lot of men and women taking up the whole area.  I love those older guys they are so dedicated.  Not to get off on a tangent but I love seeing the regulars in the morning.  I wonder if they think of me that way too. 
This is an old picture trust me there are more stickers on it now

 So we were left with this quote to think about for the week:

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sock - atini

So I had been wanting to make myself some socks. I thought maybe if I started with an easy one I could eventually make a big person sock. Well I made the kid sock in 2008 for my nephew. It is now 2012 and I have yet to make myself a pair of socks. I seem to find shawls I want to make for myself with the pretty yarn instead.

I do have to mention that I was getting a case of SSS(Single Sock Syndrome) after I knit the first sock. I didn’t want to do the second one. I did one yay. But how was I gonna get the kid to wear only one.

So here goes:

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Everyone is on Weight Watchers

Seriously everyone I talk to about how happy I am to be on Weight Watchers again tells me that someone I know is on it too. I don't care who knows I am trying to lose weight and get fit again.

I have my friend Maria who goes with me to Friday morning meetings.  Actually she goes to weigh in and then usually leaves because she has a standing breakfast with family every Friday.  However I am okay with that because besides Maria my friend Denise attends also I have two gals from work going.  I also found out that one girl that goes to the same gym I go to attends that morning meeting as well.  I am making new friends.  

Now besides those that attend meetings I have about 4 friends I can think of who are doing the program at home and not attending the meetings. 

I love it because we are able to educate each other and motivate and support one another as well.  

Okay Okay one of my coworkers is on Jenny Craig....for now.

Double Cap Gift

I decided I wanted to make the Double Cap by Kat Coyle for my sister on my trip to New York in 2008. I brought along my copy of the Knitscene magazine to read on the plane. When I saw this picture I just knew I had to make this for my sister.

I made it in black for her in hopes of adding pink on the corners to represent cat ears. This cap was made on straight needles apposed to the round.

I have to say since I have invested in my needles I love working in the round when I can.
I think I will have to make myself one since it looks so cute!

I would love to make one in a heather or tweed yarn since black is not so fun to work with.

Update: This cap I made has made it’s way from my sister to the Goodwill or VTC thrift store. I saw it leave the garage sale to a bag that was meant for the thrift store. I would have saved it for myself but I didn’t want to have to worry about smoke or dog essence. However my sister is still knit worthy.