Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Foxy Shawl

So last night I got home and felt anxious for some reason.  Okay the reason is my crazy nephew, moving, and just plain ol blah.  I wanted to start spinning some teal roving that I had to bring me some calm.  Then I decided that I would practice making the Queen Anne Shawl for my mom (really for myself) but when I got my supplies together I realized I left the pattern at work.  So instead I decided I need a new scarf but I had the pattern for the traveling women shawl and decided I could make that.  I made a scarf for my sister with the same pattern so it would be a sinch.  Well I casted on and did a few rows before I became really this point it was 11pm and then I thought a few more stitches and I can get some real progress here.  Then at that point I decided I better go to bed if I am going to get any rest.