Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Early Morning Mittens

Doesn't this yarn look delishious. I figured I would make myself some fetching's. Finally I decided to splurge on some double pointed needles in order to make hats and mitts. I bought this yarn in SLO for I don't remember how much but it was well worth it.

Here is my first mitt and the colors are spectacular. I am in love with the brown and teal look so the fact that this has specks of gold and teal is amazing. I just wanted to start wearing them then but it would probablly be a bit dangerous having metal pokie sticks.

Sorry for the bad light quality on this pic but I had to take a picture of the finished product. This morning I finished the 2nd mitt and weaved in all the ends. I was tempted to wear them to work but figured they would need a little bath tonight. Now I must move on to another pair of mitts and then the sweater. ^_^

Monday, September 13, 2010

Nelson's Hat

So I made Nelson a hat. Yes he is a special boy to me. Well actually he is a man now. I decided that he was knit worthy when he would always wear his beanie to work.I had to undo have of the hat when the beanie fit with the brim folded up but I wanted more of a snug cap. So here is the finished cap on the side view. Very pretty cables.This was actually my very first cable hat hehe. The final view from the top is just stuning. I will have to knit myself this beautiful cap as well. But in a more girl friendly color. Olive green is just so boy!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Beauty of Blocking

Foxy Shawl was my first lace project that I have blocked. I will be taking pictures tonight of its grand debut. I had a lot of fun making this shawl. I think mainly because it tested my patience more than once. The first time was when I had to rip out the lace pattern because it started off crooked. And although everyone thought no one would notice…sadly I would. Then when I bound off the shawl and was stretching it out to see the lace pattern open up it started unraveling. I missed something when binding off. I took a big breath, sewed in a life line and then undo the bind off. Instead of ripping back to the beginning of lifeline I just worked between to repeats to save my work. Now I have to say the shawl was worth it as you can see the picture in the previous blog. I was working on a pink cowl this weekend and I am considering frogging the whole thing. It is humungous and I doubt I would wear it this big. Here is a picture of it:

I also am working on my Monday Knit Nite project. It has become a very simple knit. At first all the yarn over’s baffled me but as I continued on it I began to enjoy it. I do have to say I did frog the first rows because the plastic needles made me knit looser. I wait until metal and I meet again. I do have to say that the plastic needles feel so light that I feel as if I am knitting a cloud. Here is a picture of my drop dead fred scarf:

Monday, August 9, 2010

Case of Starting

This weekend I finished my Foxy Shawl. I blocked it and now will wait to daybute it tomorrow. I also began a basketweave cowl and a drop stitch scarf. I was going to attempt to begin my lily of the valley shawl but had to order some straights. I cast on the basketweave cowl Saturday and worked on it during a garage sale. Today I will be casting off and then I shall take pictures of it for you. I love the colors of the drop stitch scarf. I was going to make a hat with it but for some reason when my sister wanted to being this project this yarn was calling to me. Pictures soon to come. I shall leave you with a preview of my shawl.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Knit at Nite

I spent last night finishing off the Traveling Women Shawl, or so I thought. I watched Season 5 of the Teen Titans and Clash of the Titans while knitting the last repeat and border. I really wanted to use up all the yarn this yummy yarn.
But I had two rows left to knit and ran out of yarn. I had a choice of binding off there and not having a lovely border or ripping back to the 2nd to the last repeat. I put in a life line in case of this. So since it was of the needles here is a little preblocked preview.
I should have been done with this a few weeks ago but I added more repeats of the lace. I can't wait to block out my Foxy Shawl and wear it. I hope it will be ready so I can wear it with my Sunday dress. I will have to stay up late tonight and knit up the boarder and then block it this weekend. Not like that it will take two days to block but I have to leave room for the unknown.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Just knitting

I started this blog to write about my knitting likes, wants, what I have made and what I am making. Things I have frogged and even things I have choked. I will probably post knits that I have made first. And I have a habbit of picking up hobbies so there will be random tidbits of hohums. Let me just leave you with a lovely pile of stash.
Not all but worth the oogling

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Foxy Shawl

So last night I got home and felt anxious for some reason.  Okay the reason is my crazy nephew, moving, and just plain ol blah.  I wanted to start spinning some teal roving that I had to bring me some calm.  Then I decided that I would practice making the Queen Anne Shawl for my mom (really for myself) but when I got my supplies together I realized I left the pattern at work.  So instead I decided I need a new scarf but I had the pattern for the traveling women shawl and decided I could make that.  I made a scarf for my sister with the same pattern so it would be a sinch.  Well I casted on and did a few rows before I became really tired...at this point it was 11pm and then I thought a few more stitches and I can get some real progress here.  Then at that point I decided I better go to bed if I am going to get any rest.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Tboo's Finished Horse Print Scarf

This is Tboo's scarf. You know you like it.  I do too...I wanted to keep it but since she did choose the yarn and request a scarf from it I must give it to her.