Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Day 2 - Empire State Building

One last stop before we go home...and this one I approved because seriously that lady better get a new arm...the only time I am going back is if I have to have to...for a secret spy mission to get to the torch...nah they will prolly shoot first and question later

This was different stain glass

The first look of up top.....I am looking Westish here...look you can see Macy's....seriously going to NY needs to be longer but I have to find a new place to visit...or 3rd times a charm

First shoot of the sun starting to set...yes it took that long to get from NW to was so crowded up there...nothing like Sleepless in Seattle...heheheh

OKAY tomorrow I will post VIDEO...or umm Friday cuz tomorrow is not cool :(

Day 2 - UGLY Doll

So cute! I had to take a picture with it because Susie loves them and I had to show her I met a real live ice bat :)

The poor kid before me didn't wanna let it go....he loved it!

These only make me think about how fun it would be to have a pillow fight with em

Okay the Columbus day parade was supposed to be on Monday....err they blocked passage ways on 5th so it was hard to get around...and they made me very irritated cuz I was VERY hungry by this point...hehe okay well we stopped in the Disney store right before I we headed over to TGIF...

And on our way doing the tourist thing we had to stop in Grand Central Station...I couldn't tell X-Men but that's okay...I'll just have to watch the movie :) again

Day 2 - FAO Schwarz Lego

Proof that they did exist!!

*Queue the Star Wars music* Enter Darth Vader!

And Chewie...and I can hear whats his face do the Wookiee call...Oh yeah Jessie :P

And while I was in the store they had people playing the BIG was most awesome although I didn't get to play...but if I get one I would only be out 250,000 :) well worth it....oh but I have no place to put it :(

Day 2 - Still in the Toy Store

They had a candy area....Look at that toy soldier :)

I got a headache from all the sweets :P

Oh so much candy...I kinda wants some right now :P

More stuffed animals

See there the king of the jungle ...Simba!! hehe

Day 2 - where to go next?? Shopping

We passed by the trump towers...yes they are gold and shiny. And they had this awesome world outside....look there you can see Australia...kehehehe

Where shall we go before lunch....YES! the toy store - And yes they made me take a picture with the toy soldier.

oooo the dragon...its stuffed so don't be scared...but it is huge so careful it doesn't fall on you :P

Here is another one...I would have gotten one but really where would I have put the back with Panda No Way
And look this one has a unicorn with it...see they do exist(ed) hehe but now its stuffed

Day 2 - Explore New York

Wooohooo I found the flee market! I found a magazine that had things to see or places to go in New York sooo hello I grew up going to the swap meet so I had to hit up the flee market. There were cool things there but this is the place I got some red kid mohair yarn and some lt. brown alpaca yarn to make Tia a scarf. The background building is a school...yes we were in a school yard and part of it was in the cafeteria.

Looking around in Central Park. It was alright except I wore flats and got a rock in my shoe. :(

This is 'The Lake'. I had to get a pic of the boat people...the dude on the side turned his face cuz he thought I was gonna take a picture of him ...NO and that lame girl got in my way errr.

OOOOO people running in Central Park. It is better then running in the street...manOman they had pollution.

Strawberry Fields...golly geepers there were so many people there....but it was decorated pretty YAY! In case you are interested Imagine is my favorite song :)

Day 1 - I found Wendy's

After a long very boring flight I found Wendy's. On the plane I knitted some on a sock that has been frogged for now. I brought some magazines which I flipped through and marked things to look up...better pull those out. I also listened to a bunch of pod-casts on my ipod. With all that you would think that I would be content but the fact that I was strapped to a chair for so long was torture...yes I do it at work but I have 3 feet of wiggle room and there it was only inches.
Anyways back to my Wendy's story...Last time I came to New Jersey I ate at the hotel and it was soooo expensive (I know I'm cheap) so I went on a trek to find fast food.

On my way out I saw this. It was all decked out for Halloween. I saw this and thought wow Susie and Daniel would love to have plastic over their door.

The trek back was most tiresome after a long morning and tired feet.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

1st ball of Yarn

I was able to wind(is that the correct word/spelling) my first ball out of the left over yarn from the hat It is so cool I wanna do more but I better get knitting and then later wind them balls up

Friday, October 24, 2008


i feel ill but i hope 2 make it sat 4 the ball

A tribute to Rick

He wanted a picture of the sun setting (well when I got back he said one of it setting over the that's gonna happen)

FAO - Playing Piano

I know its sideways but fun!

Fannie's Fingering - Sugar Plum

Fannie's Fingering - Sugar Plum
This is the yarn I think a robot close to my heart would love....for socks!! I wanna hurry up and learn and finish hehheheheh

Saki - Fire Fox

I can't wait until I get started on making socks. I found this in NY and think the colors are so beautiful. This weekend clean up room and organize stash. Then the workings of socks!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

NY sheep and wool

Okay so i was in NY this past week and missed Rhinebeck - I got sick on Friday and that was the day I flew back to California. I have been looking at blogs and photos of the event and it was most awesome...maybe i will go to NY next time just for this...although my nephew wants me to take him next time...i told him he had to wait til he was 10. Anyways that Friday I was 13mins away from Rhinebeck checking out the Vanderbilt Mansion. I looked at it on the map and they really did have the Hudson river as their backyard. I'll post pictures later of my trip but for now I need to catch up on emails galore

Thursday, October 16, 2008