Tuesday, September 1, 2015

“And why are YOU still single?”

It could say I am an INFJ Perfectionist or Scorpio with my moon or sun rising from the west so my independence is most important to me. 

It could be that I was born on Halloween and brujas aren’t supposed to have a mate we just have that power of seduction. 

I could say I was raised by a single mother who literally kickbutt being a dad too (Seriously lover her and fear her at the same time) and taught me I don’t need a man to live. 

I could blame it on my passive aggressive nature and scared them all away. 

I don’t see the point of dating someone if when I meet them my instincts say “No I don’t want to marry this one so why give this person my time or energy.  It’s just a waste.”  I don’t mean to be so judgmental but I am a highly sensitive person.  Like my sister says “Ain’t got no time fo that”.

However I have to say if you want to be my friend I can do that which we know won’t work because I truly believe someone will fall for the other person.  And that kind of hope given to a person is like an anchor that crushes them right on the spot. 
But to be truly honest the answer is I don’t know. 

If I step out of my body right now and observe me I look like a great catch.  If I was a man I would be one of those confirmed old bachelors that young girls try to go after so they can be taken care of.  However if I am comparing myself to confirmed old bachelors I must admit I would be the Henry Higgins of them. I just need his bank account and his talent with languages and I would be a happy chap indeed.
In case you are not aware who Henry is...


So if you ask me the question why am I single just be warned that if I am feeling in a talkative mood I might just tell you what you don't want to hear.  Also please don't try to set me up with anyone...that is just creepy.  


  1. The last comic is too tiny to read. :(

    There is nothing wrong with being single. If you think about it... and study your family you can tell that mom's license plate really does ring true, "Happiness is being single."

    And people who try to set you up with someone, you can just cut them right out of your life. They are not real friends who have your feelings and interest at heart. They are meddlers that are unhappy with the level of control in their life and want to be in control of something. Don't let it be you.

    1. Sorry I sent it to you via email. Also yeah I don't see anything wrong with being single but who knows maybe I do....this blog challenge will reveal all ^_^ Also yes I run from meddlers. They should just give me gifts or money they make me more happier that "here is a boy we think you might like cuz your alone and that just creeps us out" Also I don't know why my words are grey...how annoying of a read.