Sunday, September 7, 2014

Bootcamp Day 1

A friend of mine recently opened up a fitness studio. In support I went to his grand opening. Since I haven't had a car all I could do was check things out. However my sister wanted to start working out so we signed up for a month long bootcamp.

The first day the instructor was late so Russ, the owner had us start with a Tabata type workout. At first it was easy and by the 4th rep I was losing my strength. Then the Mayra showed up and we began bootcamp. Day 1 consisted of measurements. We took our weight and did a bunch of 1 minute exercises then ran stairs. 

The next day I woke up and was feeling fine. However as the day went forth the sore spots started appearing. 
I knew I had to go to class at the end if the day. 

The instructor says we can modify things but I go all out... Until I can't. It is only a month long so I figure gotta put in the work. Stay tune for a post about day 2.


  1. Are the trainers on time now? Is Sylvia still going?

    1. Yes. And Sylvia and I are planning to do something in October.