Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Being a fan of a sport can be a spot.  Or a way of life. Don't worry I am not that hardcore about being a Yankee Fan.
I blame Spot Collins for making Brooklyn a cool and exciting place to live.

If the Dodgers were still in Brooklyn then I'd be a Dodger fan.
Okay I have Dodger gear from friends since I am a California native.  If it is free I will wear it.....maybe
However you can ask my sister. I let her borrow my NY Yankee beanie and I probably looked like this picture asking for it back.



  1. I LOVED Newsies... And Spot was my Newsie crush, lol. So, I can clearly see how you'd have no choice but to abandon the Yankees for the Dodgers if they were still there. It'd be perfectly reasonable. :-)

    Abby@ truebelovedblog.com

  2. It's Spot Conlon :p
    Also did I tell you Newsies was gonna play at the Pantageos?

    And you did look like that picture @_@