Friday, April 18, 2014


Not much to say about pottery except that I love my Potter's Wheel Throwing Class.  I am a bit allergic to the glazes but then again they are harsh chemicals. 
My first cups!
My first glazing
Glazed cups

1st Pot with cover jar

It's a messy job.  But I've gotten better.

1st big item thrown.  Came out very nice.

Bowl assignment

Bowls getting bone dry.  (The bottom right did not survive my man handling)

Better cup

What I have done in my class so far.
I really have enjoyed checking off things on my bucket list or things to try before I get

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  1. Yeah yeah, you know you just wanted to show off your boobs!
    I have enjoyed this item on your bucket list.
    I dream of pottery lots now.... it takes over my daily thoughts and I have you to blame for it.