Tuesday, April 1, 2014

I want to Learn Archery

To do archery is on my list of things to do before I turn 35.  I have done archery in PE when I was in Junior High.  It was fun however I want to really practice it.  It irritates me when I tell people this goal and then they bring up hunger games.  Seriously archery was cool even before hunger games. 

Archery is a skill you acquire by practice. You can't just pick up a bow and arrow and expect to hit the center of the target right away. (Unless you are bloody lucky.) 

If I get better at archery I would earn the title of 'Archer'.  This makes me giggle cuz I see myself like this:

Green Arrow
Okay maybe more like this:
Seriously Archery is sexy!  Think Robin Hood.....
Not the cartoon Disney!  Although I know a few who did have a crush on him.
Oh NO not Russell....ewwww but then again some of you find him intriguing.

ooooo maybe, but not who I was thinking but he is dashing.
Here is who I was thinking about BBC's Robin Hood: 


  1. My granddaughter is currently an 8th grader and she took archery at school and then asked for a bow for Christmas. She is getting really good and I love the way she looks when she is shooting!

  2. Remember the year the first Hunger Games came out and the Avengers movie? Everyone quipped it was the year of the archer. Then Arrow came out too!

    You're totally on to something though. I guess I could take a 'shot' at it!

  3. I used to do archery and I can thoroughly recommend giving it a go. I had to give up following major surgery and I do miss it. go on .. go for it!

    Eileen @ In My Playroom

  4. I would love to do archery - only I'm so cack-handed I'd probably spear the coach LOL!
    Suzanne @Suzannes Tribe

  5. I think archery gives us an opportunity to grow in so many ways. I hope I have enough strength to do it.

  6. So many Robin Hood's to choose from!
    If you find a class I might take it with you... but I would have to fit that around my pottery schedule haha.