Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Hooping is a favorite hobby of mine.  I love it!  I do it on my break and/or lunch.   I bought my hoop from Hoopnotica. At first I couldn't even hold it up for a minute but now I can go for as long as the music is playing.
This is my second travel hoop.  My first I gave to my sister so she can enjoy being lost in the circle.
It is a pretty good workout as well.  I don't feel tired after hooping....if anything I get more energy out of it.

Here is one of my co-workers giving it a shot. 

 It's been a little crazy at work with all the construction.  The construction crew seems to take over on all my hooping spots.  I look forward to finding a good spot after they finish with the parking lot & green area.


  1. Yay Henry!
    My hoop got bent in the move :(

    1. Oh no. Maybe just do it without that section that got bent... :-(

    2. Remember you gave it to me because you couldn't take it apart anymore :(