Friday, April 4, 2014


I am a painter.

Haha its a side thing I do.  I just like the smell of paint and to get messy (don't judge). 
However I am like to draw.  More like sketch but I needed a hobby that began with a letter 'D'.  I don't dance and darts are just not my thing. I thought about dueling but really now.....
So as you see by the picture below I am not that great because to be honest I just don't practice my skill.
I do have to admit that I am a better copyist.  Is that a real thing?  Where I can look at a picture and draw it pretty close.  Anyways I guess if I made the time I could get so good at it that I could work for Pixar.  Nah too much pressure.
I used to like to do nails and would draw on them too.  I couldn't really get into that profession because of my asthma.  But I also loved the smell of the acrylic nails.  ALSO I hear you can get deformed children.

Also pro at being a hobbyist (wow is that a real word too).  As you can tell spelling and grammar are not my forte and I like to hoohumm and make sound effect that would work better if this was a Vlog.
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Cute nails! My daughter likes to do art on her nails, too.

  2. I think your drawings are pretty darn good. The best I do are stick people!

  3. I think some people are just good at mimicking another persons drawings while others are just better at making things up in their head. Like Joey... how DOES he do it???