Saturday, January 4, 2014

30 Before 30 Review

So a while back I jumped on the band wagon of creating a 30 goals to reach before turning 30.  You can read that post here.  Well I only had a year to accomplish as much as I could.  My sister said I should do a 31 before 31 and I don't think that is doable.....well it could be if people stepped up and taught me their trade, language or gave me a place and food to eat while I visit their country. 

Any how I have accomplished something's and others no.  Some have remained on the list and others got the 'what the heck was I thinking'.  .... I wonder if I add millionaire on my 35 before 35 if I could reach it....2 words....entrepreneur....discipline.  Or I can be laughed at and be like this girl.

Read the bible (chronology):  I read the bible with in a year in order.  It made much more sense but a lot of flipping around.  So I will continue to read it at a more slower pace the way it is.

Go horseback riding
Try a Pole Dance Class
Try an Aerial Class
Knit the Lily shawl

 Walk the San Francisco Bridge:  I did it! I also blogged about it.  Yay me. 

Try Snowboarding
Try Surfing
Stamp in passport
Attend a Green Bay Packer Game
Do a 30 day fast/juice

Learn to ride a bike:  I already knew how to ride a bike.  However I rode my bike from May until October of last year.  I worked longer hours in the summer but it was a nice ride home. Most morning it was foggy.

Visit the Grand Canyon

Take a Hike:  I need to post a blog about them.  I finally hiked Bishop's Peak.  My sister's and I went one morning and just hit it head on.  We need to take more pictures.  Since then this year I have planned out a hike a month per my uncle.  We shall see how that goes.

Goal weight of 130 140 - I am altering this one.  I now lift and plan to be think than thin. haha

365 picture project

Run in a 10k race - I didn't blog about it because my time was no bueno (1:20:48.554!)  The reason for the San Francisco trip was to do the Mermaid 10K Race. It was something I trained for but started slacking at the end.  Running it is a love/hate relationship.
I've shared this on my instagram @lilyojedi ~ I'm sure you can relate.

Take Hot air balloon ride
Try Ballroom dancing
Try Archery
Watch a Cirque du Soleil show
Crux climb to top
Visit a National Park

 Learn Hindi : Tried it and lost interest.  Not really used in my area as much but love Bollywood movies.  I should stick to Italian.  I know some French but I'd rather like to pretend I'm Italian.  haha

Attempt to Bartend

Take Pottery class: I haven't done it yet but signed up for a class.

Simplify my closet:  Oh yes I simplified my closet by hanging everything in reverse and whatever I didn't use in the year got tossed out.

Have a Spa day:  I did finally go with a friend to a the Madonna Inn Spa.  I got a facial and a full body massage and then hung out in the pool.  I wish they would have told us that we could come early and workout at their gym, swim and eat.  Oh well you live you learn.  I would love just to go for massages. 

Try yoga:  I did 30 days worth.  I think the video I did was okay.   I like doing PiYo better, however I am always ready to try again. 

Improve Cooking skills:  They are improved but not the best haha.  I at least can cook for me.  I did the Ultimate Reset that helped me discover new foods and the importance of food preparation.

I guess I should post my new list so I will do that tomorrow.

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