Friday, April 5, 2013

Ultimate Reset Recap Day 3, 4, 5

The reset has gone well.  I have been posting all my meals on instagram.  Here is the rest of my week. I think I am getting the hang of this cooking stuff but I will look forward to the freedom of not following a meal plan.  I do plan on making some of these foods again.
So here goes. On Day 3 I had scrambled eggs with steamed spinach and toast.  Really good breakfast.  I used to gag when eating steamed spinach but I mixed it with my eggs and it was really good.  I kind of wanted more toast to go alone with it.  For lunch I had a double double.  No not a hamburger but 2 salads, lentil-lime and micro green salad.  Then for dinner I attempted to make a Japanese dinner.  I had miso soup, cucumber salad and nori rolls.
The nori rolls were the ones that gave me a problem.  I need more practice ^_^

Day 4 was okay.  I had a plate of fruit in the morning.  However wasn't supposed to have the oranges...oh well.  And then for lunch I had lentil lime salad and also nori rolls but no picture since I squished them.  Gotta get down the trick to cutting knife? For dinner I had stir fry veggies and brown rice and a side salad.
This was the night I went to farmers market and I was being so lazy but my mom really encouraged me on the drive home to just do it.  So I did.  And I am glad I did.  I wanted to go out for sushi so bad!  But sticking to it!

Well moving on to day 5. For breakfast I had farina (rice cereal) and oh boy was it good. I could have eaten more! Reminded me of the Gerber food I used to eat as a kid. Yes a kid...I know that stuff is for babies but I used to love to make some with milk and eat them flakes. For lunch I had another salad type meal. It was quinoa, tomato's and cucumbers. Then for dinner I had miso soup and stir fry w/brown rice.

So far I have been really good and stuck to the meal plan. The funny thing is that if I had a family I would totally make the effort for them but I don't for myself.  Now I know I can do both. So far!

Again if you want to know more about the ultimate reset you can check out
 or feel free to leave me a comment.


  1. Ha! Mom said she didn't want to be blamed for you cheating on your diet so she said just to go home after Farmer's.

    Also check out The Japan Food Channel on how to make rolls. You can learn the proper way to lay out your rice and fillings AND the importance of proper cutting.

  2. I was already planning on having a japanese dinner like I did a few nights before.

    I will have to check that out cuz I was not sure how to cut my veggies. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.