Monday, April 1, 2013

Ultimate Reset Prep Day

I went shopping at our local farmers market on Thursday to get my produce. Check out my fridge:

It smells so good!
Sunday was my food preperation day.  I made my salad dressings, quinoa, brown rice green salad and miso soup. I also toasted pumpkin seeds.  Sorry I forgot to take more pictures. But my next post will show my food for the day.
If you would like to know more about my cleanse you can visit my site :
I hope to have my video up on YouTube soon.


  1. How come you didn't do the cleanse that doesn't require extra supplements?

    If you are getting all you need from eating right you shouldn't need any. The cleanse Sylvia and I did just had you stop alcohol, supplements, caffeine, refined anything and sugar. Plus it's cheaper to not have to rely on supplements.

  2. Didn't I need to get a juicer?

    I was telling my coworker about the tower. ^_^ Since making my own food so far I kind of like the idea of having the herbs available.