Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Ultimate Reset Day 6, 7, 8

So let me start out by saying it is hard to maintain on the weekends for me.  I had a crazy busy weekend and I felt like I was not going to be able to stay on top of this 'diet'.
Day 6: So for breakfast I had oatmeal with flax seeds and apple also I had plain Greek yogurt with some maple in it.  For a late lunch I had quinoa salad (you can see that it is a picture taken on my lap) and then for dinner zucchini cashew soup and roasted root medley.  I loved the roasted medley since it had beets, yam and carrots....really good oh yeah onion in there too. 
Day 7 was ehhhh.  Breakfast included steamed spinach, tempeh and avocado.  And for lunch (no picture) I had micro green salad with some rice and beans.  I don't think I like tempeh cuz that is the only thing I had different that day and I had the worst stomach ache.  However I did not learn my lesson since my dinner included tempeh again along with brown rice and broccoli. 

Day 8: Monday began my new week starting the detox phase.  I had to have a plate of fruit for breakfast and since my fruit was frozen I made a drink.  Then for lunch I had a micro green salad.  For dinner it was rice and beans with zucchini and string beans.  It was a good dinner to end the night. 

Oh and in case you are wondering the detox drink looks like poop....yeah poop.  However it taste pretty good.  It has things like chia seeds, flax seeds, lemon powder and other things.  So far the detox has not made me feel ill in any way.  Yay for me since that means I probably eat okay enough to not bring on bad side effects.


  1. That stomach ache may have been from the detox. And I am shocked you don't like tempeh. Sylvia and I love it, we have it in our vegan lasagna.

  2. I had not even started the detox phase yet. I am not sure what it was. I will have to try it with different foods cuz marinated and baked doesn't taste like much.