Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Slim in 6: Down 2lbs in week 1

The first week with Slim in 6 Start it up! was pretty good. I lost about 2lbs. This is surprising to me since I have not really changed much in my diet. I have gotten much better at the lunges that Debbie makes me do. (Yes I am one of those weird people who talk back to the TV) My arms/shoulders still feel weak holding them up for so long doing bicep curls and triceps push.

I have not made it to the gym in the morning.  I like working out at home now that I can do so.  My contract ends in July so I am pretty sure I will cancel it.  I love doing weights and spinning classes. I am not much of a social butterfly so I don’t think I will miss the people.  Again I go (went) at 4am and just power through my workout and leave.  I am not a chatty Cathy.  I guess I can double up on my workouts and do mornings at the gym and evening workout with Debbie.

I started week 2 of Slim in 6 today, Ramp it up! It is a double workout.  I didn’t use the resistance bands this time because I wanted to make sure I can actually do the moves.  I will use them tomorrow.  Here are my stats for this morning workout. 

The change I am making this week is to including shakeology for my breakfast.  I normally have oatmeal with flaxseed and almond milk.


  1. What kind of shakes and how much did it cost you?

  2. ooo I will post a blog about my shake heheehe

    Mom and I shall be going to SLO today to get my honey ... Spring is in the air...which means allergies and eye ichies

    Since I am an independant beachbody coach my shakeology cost me like $90 for a 30-day bag.

    Since I am following your lead and doing a detox/clease next month I can let you have some so you can try it out....It is not made with whey http://myshakeology.com/esuite/home/LilyOjedi
    Check out the link and look at the strawberry vegan flavor and let me know if you would be interested in trying it

  3. http://myshakeology.com/LilyOjedi maybe this one you can click on

  4. Oh very interesting. I will check it out. I try to stay away from shake drinks. Once I am done with this over time I can get back to my healthier eating with my juices. Right now I have had to much OT and have been sick :(

    I gotta get my honey soon I am about an inch from the bottom of my jar. If you guys see anything I might like get me something. :)