Thursday, March 21, 2013

Lily's Pad

When I was in elementary school I hated when people would call me Lily Pad.  I would just laugh like it was no big deal but I just hated the way it sounded.  However as I got older I liked it because I loved nature and a flower of a lily pad is actually quite pretty

See... So then my overconfident self would say 'Yes I am as beautiful as a lily pad and her flower.  Well when my friends came over to my house they doubted it The Lily Pad.  So let me give you a little look at my temporary improvements.  I say temporary because things change and I might like to move things around.  So to begin with my exercise area:

This little nook in my house holds my treadmill and row machines.  They both fold up and then I can tuck them away behind the screen I purchased at Pier One.  You can't see it here maybe later I will post pics about it.  Then in the background you see my hoops, staff's, weights, tennis rackets, kettle bell weights and dumbbells. I want to create a system to organize all that stuff but then I think that maybe I might move it into the garage.  MAYBE
(I can't see myself getting up early to go into the cold garage)

Then I would like to welcome you to the bedroom....
Well you can't stay but it looks comfy yeah!
If I didn't sleep naked I would leave the windows open all the time to enjoy the sun and moon. 

Hahaha just kidding I don't sleep naked. I love pajamas! Feel free to gift me some anytime haha
Just thought of this when I said pajamas.....creepy!
And here comes my kitchen.
Well now I have a kitchen table so I will have to update this too... oh and pictures on the wall
Ooo I have a pic of the table someone gave me so here it is...
Here you see my set up for now.
My neighbor has a lemon tree that gives me at least 2 lemons a day.
Well sad news ....they trimmed back their tree...I hope it grows back my way
Well here is what I look at when I was dishes...
I have more cookbooks which I will have to give back to those who let me borrow them.
Moving along here is my stove and dishwasher. 
And here is my fridge.
Well actually my old fridge. I had to get a new one Check it out!

 Oh and I do have a bathroom...two
My bathroom

The guest bathroom

Well that is all for now.  I hope you enjoyed seeing what I have done to my house.  I really appreciate my friends who helped me get my shower rods installed and pictures hung...  And gifts to make it my home.


  1. Your friends doubted your beauty? What kind of friends do you have?!

    You should think of doing a video tour of the house. :)

  2. haha I ment to say that even a real word

    Oh yeah I should

    I plan to do a video for my cleanse...struggles accomplishments :P