Saturday, January 5, 2013

It's raining...

It's raining tonight.  I love the rain but worried about my backyard.  The water seems to puddle instead of find it's way to the street.  I will eventually have to have it redone.

Well today was a fun day.  I went to the annual square dance party.  I think this might be the last year since the hosts are getting up in age.  However I think the concept of this dance is for the singles to get together.  I had a wonderful timed at the dance.  My partner was Tall guy Yes they set us up with dance partners.  I don't think Tall Guy reads my blog so with that said he is adorable. I've met his brother before and he was friendly.  I assumed he would be to but he was more like me quite yet goofy.  I just loved how tall he was cuz I would have to purposely look up to stare at him.  *obvious much*

I think this was my third time going.  My first time I was invited was cuz they needed more girls. So first guy I got set up with was alright.  His stare was way to intense and *puke* raider fan. Second guy was they guy I didn't want.  Nothing against him but he was an intense dance from what I had remember the year before.  He literally throw my friend around on the dance floor.  Third guy was cute and a good conversationalist.  He was from south LA area....that's all I remember.  So Tall guy is my fourth....he will be known as the tall adorable one.



  1. Who hosts the dance? Maybe some younger folks can host it or share hosting responsibilities. You are going to end up being the old maid at the dances like the girl in Pride and Prejudice that finally ended with Mr. Darcy.

  2. An older couple from Solvang. It is actually held at the Vet's hall there.

    Woohoo I ended up with Mr. Darcy.

    I told molias kids to read that book cuz you LOVE mr. darcy. :-P