Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Walked the San Francisco Bridge

Yes I have accomplished one thing off of my 30 things to do before turning 30...so far.
My mother, sister and I went to San Francisco this November and accomplished this goal. We stayed at the Comfort Inn By the Bay in the Russian Hill area.  It was a really nice place to stay.
My bed and the view of the bridge

So in the morning we drove to the bridge to walk it but it was not that simple.  There was construction and Siri was well not using google maps (I really just want to say she was being stupid but I think it is because Siri and Google are not friends right now).  So we did not make the exit Presidio/Golden Gate because of construction.  The sign was in the way!!!! So we crossed over the bridge.  My sister was probably frustrated with me but I am putting all the blame on Siri. So we leave San Francisco County and enter Marin County. 

We exit at Vista Point and decide that since there is free parking (well 4 hours free but it wasn't gonna take that long right...) we will take advantage of this and do our bridge walk. 

Now let me tell you a little secret. I told my mom and sister the bridge walk was 1.5 miles to walk so a total of 3 right...well it is actually 3.6 miles long.

I know I know I felt kind of bad since that day was kind of windy but it was something I needed to do.  While I was there I also ran on the bridge because they had speedometers for bicyclist and well with a race coming up the next day I wanted to see how fast I was.  It clocked me at 12-13 miles per hour...

 Much fun! I would go back and do it again.
Oh yeah you can check out my sister post about our experiance.


  1. @_@ You linked me!

    The bridge wasn't too far of a walk really. It was pretty windy though. We were lucky the sun was out or it would have been a much colder walk.

  2. Yup hahaha...I figure people if they so choose to can see your awesome pictures of our trip.