Thursday, December 20, 2012

Long Story about a Silly Hat

So the story behind the cozy hat…

So let me begin this by saying I used to work at Michael’s Craft and Yarn Store. I worked there for about 4 or 5 years. It was a good fun job but I wanted something else…or maybe I just wanted to work with new people. Well the day I submitted my 2 week notice to our store manager I got in a major tif with a customer. I know the customer is always right but sometimes they are just stupid. So the manager on duty had to play nice with that customer because I didn’t feel like taking their abuse. Well apparently that came off as ‘not normal’. Yes not normal from me because I am the super nicest person you would ever have work for you and a hard worker at that. So the next day after my shift I get called in to talk with the store manager about ‘the incident’ and if that was the reason I was leaving. I told her that I found an excellent job elsewhere and it was time for me to leave. Apparently I had upset this other manager so instead of 2 weeks that was my last day. It was completely my choice but with that said I gave her the low down of everyone in the store who was good and who was bad; who was stealing and who was near the brink of sexual harassment….more of an annoyance. So I left that store with the intentions of never going back again…EVER.

Well from time to time I want to see what clearance items I can score from the store so I go and try not to be spotted. I know now that the majority of the people that used to work there don’t anymore.

So on one of my spy trips to Michael’s I came across this yarn that said it glowed in the dark. What?! Glow in the dark….I must have a million to make myself glow in the dark. Okay I will settle for 2 skeins to test and see if this yarn really does glow in the dark. The yarn was from Bernat and now has been discontinued. Well I tried to knit socks with them (don’t laugh…It was my first attempt of just getting the basics down). So I ripped them out because eww. Then one of my co-workers was asking me about a rasta type hat. I thought yeah no problem. I figured well let me try to make one first and then I will make you one. So I cast on for the Bad Hair Day Hat by Karen Harper.

Well I took it to work and asked her what she thought. She loved it! So guess what? I gave that one to her.

End of story…. I saw her wear it once or twice but I think if she would have held out for a rasta version it would have worked out to be her favorite hat.

The only pictures I have of it is on my ravelry page.

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