Friday, December 21, 2012

Homeowner at 28

Go ahead and queue the music.

I don’t like to blow my own horn but here goes.  I bought my first house at the age of 28.  Well that’s the story I’m going to tell.  The reality is that I didn’t move in until almost a full 2 months after I turned 29.  However my deal was accepted one day before my 29th birthday so I’m going with my story of 28. 

Now owning a home was a goal of mine that I thought I wanted after I was married for a few years.  Well I’m not married.  I am not even close to being married.  I love my independence and I have heard that I am too picky in what I want.   Seriously I love my independence to go here or there whenever.  I just can’t see myself tied down to someone who can’t pull their own weight.  I want to want that person in my life not NEED them.  Okay back to the house story at hand.

In August 2012 I started working with a realtor.  She had me meet with a mortgage lender to see if it was even possible for me to afford it.  So after the question and answer part of our meeting he told me I had really good credit and that as soon as I found a house he would give me my pre-approval letter.  Now let me tell you when looking for a house you want to be pre-approved not just pre-qualified.

August I found my dream house in the perfect neighborhood!  Well my dreams were crushed because my offer was not accepted. Boohoo how could life go on?  Seriously I was depressed for days.  Then September came around and I think I looked at over 20 houses and made about 5 offers with no result.  (See I tell you out of the 20 only 5…picky).  Now I put in 3 more offers at the beginning of October with my heart crushed I felt like this process was going to take forever.  Then I get the email….Your offer has been accepted!!  Wooohooo I am going to own a house.  Wooohoooo….wait now what?  Well the month of November it was email after email of information to bring in to my loan guy then my realtor then inspections and appraisals. So I get my keys in December right well…. again more waiting.  I then go in to the escrow office and sign the paperwork saying the house is MINE.  I feel like those little birds in finding nemo….mine….mine…MINE…MINE.  Well no not yet you have to wait week before you get your keys…

So yesterday I got my keys!! And now begins the process of moving in.  I have the luxury of moving in when I am on holiday from work.  The best part is no major work has to be done.  Well expect kill the roses….

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  1. No not the roses!!! Maybe mom will take them off your hands. Did you check the HOA to see if you can yank them or have them replaced?

    I told you buying would take a while, it was worth the wait I think. It's a good size for you. Can't wait to see it.