Wednesday, December 12, 2012

30 Things to Do Before I Turn 30

So last year my sister mentioned to me how she would like to take an Aerial Class and I came across a blog  that talked about the experience of taking the class. Also I decided to go through her blog and read her list of goals she wanted to do before she turned thirty. I thought well I will try that too however I only had a year and a half to accomplish these things. So here is my list: 

Read the bible (chronology)
Go horseback riding
Try a Pole Dance Class
Try an Aerial Class
Knit the Lily shawl
Walk the San Francisco Bridge
Try Snowboarding
Try Surfing
Stamp in passport
Attend a Green Bay Packer Game
Do a 30 day fast/juice
Learn to ride a bike
Visit the Grand Canyon
Take a Hike
Goal weight of 130
365 picture project
Run in a 10k race
Take Hot air balloon ride
Try Ballroom dancing
Try Archery
Watch a Cirque du Soleil show
Crux climb to top
Visit a National Park
Learn Hindi
Attempt to Bartend
Take Pottery class
Simplify my closet
Have a Spa day
Try yoga
Improve Cooking skills

I have already accomplished a few of these items and will post a seperate blog on my accomplishments. 
Oh and on a side note I know I will not accomplish everything on my list since I am buying my first house this month and I am okay with that.  I sure am gonna try to do as much as possible though.  I look forward to creating my 35 before 35 list when I turn 30.   


  1. Why don't you make it a 31 by 31 list. That way it prompts you to get it done instead of procrastinating.

    I still think you should have been posting your 356 days of photos as you did them.

  2. That way I save for the big ticket items.