Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Everyone is on Weight Watchers

Seriously everyone I talk to about how happy I am to be on Weight Watchers again tells me that someone I know is on it too. I don't care who knows I am trying to lose weight and get fit again.

I have my friend Maria who goes with me to Friday morning meetings.  Actually she goes to weigh in and then usually leaves because she has a standing breakfast with family every Friday.  However I am okay with that because besides Maria my friend Denise attends also I have two gals from work going.  I also found out that one girl that goes to the same gym I go to attends that morning meeting as well.  I am making new friends.  

Now besides those that attend meetings I have about 4 friends I can think of who are doing the program at home and not attending the meetings. 

I love it because we are able to educate each other and motivate and support one another as well.  

Okay Okay one of my coworkers is on Jenny Craig....for now.


  1. Aside from you I don't know a single person that is going to WW or even JC.

    Maybe I don't know a lot of people?

    I know one person aside from you that goes to the gym that I see often. But that's it. Joey not counting of course haahaha.

  2. It's because the people you know are skinny. Or they are fat and just don't care about getting skinny and healthy. Or they are secret diet people.

    Who goes to the gym that you know...

    I can think of 12 people besides me and Maria that go to the gym at 4am. They are people I smile at but don't talk to cuz I am busy working out. Or working out in the not really ladies ladies area

  3. Nina goes to the gym but not during the times I ever go.

    Usually when people diet they say so. It's almost like people want you to feel bad for them or want you to encourage them. I don't know anyone who doesn't like to talk about being on a diet. Same thing for working out... people like to talk about it.

    I think maybe i just don't know many people or know them well enough to discuss their personal life. Like at work, I don't talk to anyone.