Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The beginning of Yarn Crafts

In September of 2008 I fell ill. I was nearly dying, laying there awaiting my ultimate demise. My sickness nearly brought my precious life to an end. However it was so boring just lying in bed being my usual dramatic self. But really what could the world do without me. I think time would have stood still or a tremor in the force. So I thought to myself why not start on that blanket I promised to make for that baby. No not mine. I could not see myself contorting my body for the benefit of an It. So I had yarn brought to me from my house and my tools. Yes I was at my mother’s house…the best medicine is mothers liquor…I mean Love…Love.

So with tools in hand I spend the entire day making sure I could get this blanket done. I slaved away. Ahh yarn a purpose for life. So here is the finished product of my labor. Did this blanket go to the IT child no it did not. It was too wonderful of a blanket. I felt that another child deserved it better. You are right that child was me. I needed that blankie to feel all better. Now I have passed it on to a special little girl who I’m sure will never know me but she will be endowed with yarny goodness.

And yes this blanket it crocheted. My friends call me the Knitting Queen however I try to embrace all yarn crafts. However nowadays I pass on crochet projects to Mumm-Ra the crochet master.

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