Friday, April 27, 2012

Souvenir Yarn

When I went to New York in 2008, I went to a flea market with my aunt and uncle. It was great fun we got on a bus from Jersey to the Port Authority Bus Terminal in Manhattan. We were not really sure what we would do but go sightseeing since it was a Sunday. So I had one of those what to do in New York booklet that our hotel left us so I figured let’s go to the flea market. So we walked down 8th towards central park, then we took a left on 57thbecause well we needed to eat and use the loo so I found a CVS. I really can’t remember what we ate just that we did because my uncle was getting cranky because he had not eaten. After we continued walking on Columbia until we got to Broadway and then finally merged on to Amsterdam Ave then to 72ndStreet. Am I crazy? Yes. However we had a wonderful time trying to decide what I wanted to get. I came across this wonderful vendor whom sold yup you guessed it yarn. I had already looked at some yarn that someone had hand spun and dyed but it did not interest me. However I had to have souvenir yarn so this second vendor had some light brown alpaca I bought for a scarf. When I got back to my side of the world I started to knit it up and boy did it feel good. When I finished the scarf was only about 26” long. This was no scarf at all. So what could I do…give it away. I gave it to my aunt who picked out the yarn and she loves it because it’s like a cowl she just pins it together and goes. I love knitting for my aunt because she uses everything I give her. Unlike other family members who put it away never to be seen again or wears it once or twice and then off to the thrift store.

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