Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Point...

I have reached that point where I am going to try again.   In November 2008 I was down to 141.  A healthy weight for me however I felt that I needed to tone up.  Well that did not happen I started to cheat here and there and now I have gained back more than I would like to admit.  Okay almost 40 pounds.  I know that I don’t look at chunky as I did in the past because I have put on a lot of muscle so my body under my fat it fit.  However I need my clothes to fit again.  I am tired of having a drawer of jean that don’t fit me but did at one point.

At the beginning of the year I started doing a program by Jamie Easton.  I think I have gained a pound each week since then.  I finished the program and feel stronger but not fit enough to fit into my jeans.  I realize that I really have to focus on my eating.  I started tracking about a week ago using myFitness Pal.  However one of my really good friends is on weight watchers and she gained about 10 pounds and lost her lifetime status with them.  So she wanted to get back because that helped her to lose her weight in the first place. 
I was on weight watchers about 5 years ago and it really did help me get down to a healthy weight.  So my friend convinced me to give them another try.  So I will be attending WW meetings again for 2 months.  That’s what I gave my friend; two months to see change.  If I am able to lose 10 pounds then maybe I will continue to get the support from them.  I got all the new info and will be discussing it with my mom. 
I wish my mom would take care of herself as well but she is determined to be the same weight as she was in high school.  However she does not realize that even though she is the same weight her body composition has changed.  I don’t know what gives.  It could be that she was made fun of for being well endowed. Or it could be that she had a traumatic event occur while trying to get healthy by running.  I cannot say or speak for her or make her change but I don’t want her to have full on diabetes because she is now pre-diabetic.  My grandmother died of complications of diabetes or kidney something.  I don’t remember really I just know my grandmother made changes to extend her health Such as give up soda and cut back on sugary juices.
So wish me luck….well not really just give me support and I know I will do this. 

Oh I need to get another one of these again.  I gave my old one to my sister.  Who I am so proud of because she is trying to be healthy and fit too. 


  1. If you need it back I still have it and have no problem giving it back. :)

    After weighing food for a while it gets easier to eye ball it but it does come in handy.

    Why don't you go back to the nutrisystem. That really seemed to work for you. It seems every times you do WW the minute you stop you just gain again. I think some self control on your behalf is necessary. Even if it means saying no and people felling hurt. Your health is very important and if you have to explain that to people who feel hurt when you turn down unhealthy food then so be it.

    They will either see things the way you do or they will just stay butt hurt.

  2. This is my second time on weight watcher I don't know what you mean by every time. I saw Jenny Craig food from my co-worker and that looked good. I think its time you raided our fridge again. Please take the tres leche cake its been tempting me for 2 weeks.

  3. Oh for some reason it seems like you did it more than once before. Maybe cause it was for a long time it feels like you did it more than one time. I went by last weekend and took stuff AND had some cake. It was yummy. I need more but I have to conserve my fuel till pay day. Be strong, don't give into temptation! If you eat it you have no one to blame but yourself so just ignore it.