Thursday, April 26, 2012

Perfect Vision...someday

I went to the eye doctor today and picked out some new specs.  Being almost blind cost me so much money; I spent over $500 dollars.  You think it was because I got brand name glasses but no it is because of my lenses.  I not only have to get them made slimmer due to my astigmatism but also to reduce glare from driving at night.  I also had my eyes dilated today and man did it make it hard to see.  I was wearing sunglasses at work due to the sensitivity of my eye but even the screen was bothering me.  I should have taken the day off from work but I didn’t.  I just suffered there with a headache and cramps.  I hope my weigh-in goes well tomorrow.  I hope I have my car tomorrow.
However this makes me think about getting eye surgery.  If it costs up to $2,000 per eye is it a good investment.  I love wearing glasses but if my vision has stayed the same for 4 years maybe it is time to consider the possibility.  I know it wasn’t one years back because of my astigmatism but technology has improved.   


  1. Maybe do one eye at a time?

    I think maybe put taking a trip on the back burner so you can save up for the surgery and get it done. And the money for mom, just send her on a trip or have her spend the savings on something she wants.

  2. I figured I would call Pacific Eye and do a free lasik eye evaluation to see if I am even a candidate for this. I am hoping to know by the end of July if I get to go to New Zealand. If I don't here then I will give mom her rent money that I have been holding for the trip. That could equal one eye haha just kidding.

  3. Well if you have enough saved from mom for one eye, you probably have enough saved on your own for the other.

    Also do your research, get a consultation and prices from more than one place. Don't just settle on your first choice.

    When will you know about NZ?

  4. There are 3 places around here that do the eyes. Should I see about a free consultation at each place?

    I won't know for sure until the end of July. It is my best guestamate.

    don't you just love my glasses they make me smile when i see them. For some reason I keep asking myself if you have a pair just like them

  5. Yeah see about a consultation.

    Also I have yet to get my new glasses. I am considering saving myself money and just taking an old pair of frames and have them pop the new lenses in there. I don't get extras on my glasses cause it costs too much. My insurance will only cover so much of the cost. How much does your insurance cover?

    Also I never found much use in the non glare stuff to be honest.

  6. Nothing. We don't get vision. LAME