Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Learning to knit on my own

I took up knitting again when I was working at Michaels. I would purchase yarn and knit up a scarf. I did this again and again and again. What do you learn from being an isolated knitter? Absolutely nothing. I did a knitted scarf time and time again. Sadly I never progressed to doing much. That is until I found Ravelry. I saw so much that could be done if only I would learn to purl. So I pulled up some youtube video’s and taught myself to purl. Well I found out that I was knitting differently. My stitches were coming out twisted. So I pulled up some video’s on knitting and got that down. So here is a quick mess of the knitted scarves. Oh yes and one I made on the loom because I didn’t know how to purl back then.

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