Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Beauty of Blocking

Foxy Shawl was my first lace project that I have blocked. I will be taking pictures tonight of its grand debut. I had a lot of fun making this shawl. I think mainly because it tested my patience more than once. The first time was when I had to rip out the lace pattern because it started off crooked. And although everyone thought no one would notice…sadly I would. Then when I bound off the shawl and was stretching it out to see the lace pattern open up it started unraveling. I missed something when binding off. I took a big breath, sewed in a life line and then undo the bind off. Instead of ripping back to the beginning of lifeline I just worked between to repeats to save my work. Now I have to say the shawl was worth it as you can see the picture in the previous blog. I was working on a pink cowl this weekend and I am considering frogging the whole thing. It is humungous and I doubt I would wear it this big. Here is a picture of it:

I also am working on my Monday Knit Nite project. It has become a very simple knit. At first all the yarn over’s baffled me but as I continued on it I began to enjoy it. I do have to say I did frog the first rows because the plastic needles made me knit looser. I wait until metal and I meet again. I do have to say that the plastic needles feel so light that I feel as if I am knitting a cloud. Here is a picture of my drop dead fred scarf:

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