Thursday, August 5, 2010

Knit at Nite

I spent last night finishing off the Traveling Women Shawl, or so I thought. I watched Season 5 of the Teen Titans and Clash of the Titans while knitting the last repeat and border. I really wanted to use up all the yarn this yummy yarn.
But I had two rows left to knit and ran out of yarn. I had a choice of binding off there and not having a lovely border or ripping back to the 2nd to the last repeat. I put in a life line in case of this. So since it was of the needles here is a little preblocked preview.
I should have been done with this a few weeks ago but I added more repeats of the lace. I can't wait to block out my Foxy Shawl and wear it. I hope it will be ready so I can wear it with my Sunday dress. I will have to stay up late tonight and knit up the boarder and then block it this weekend. Not like that it will take two days to block but I have to leave room for the unknown.

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