Thursday, November 13, 2008

Day 5 - Yarn Crawl in NYC

Well looking at this shot I thought oh its gonna be night time but hehe nope...sunrise from the east :P

So after a long day of shopping and running around to NY yarn shops this is what I picked looks like a lot but its not really

Seriously some sock yarn and more sock yeah I'll post more about me using up my new found far that brown yarn there has been knitted into a nice scarf for my Tia and ummmmm that's about it...oh yeah the red fuzz in the back ground is getting knit up into another scarf
wow yeah I gotta get knitting Update soon :)


  1. some of that yarn that changes color looks so rad! i so need to help you dye your yarn when the time comes. how bout you finish all the yarn you have.... then we go buy awesome white yarn.... and i help you dye it at my house???

  2. Okay okay...I am working on Tia's other scarf right now and its a lace pattern so it's taking a while...But next will be for sure socks....I need to make rick his gloves but I don't have the right needles to do it so I am gonna have to wait on that until i get them from KnitPicks :)