Friday, November 7, 2008

Day 3 - Brooklyn view on Manhattan

The most asked question...ARE YOU GONNA SEE THE STATUE OF LIBERTY?? Sure there it is...I hate that you can't go up to the top anymore so I avoided it...its not a big deal for me my peoples didn't come from Europe they came from Mexico...wheres that statue :P ehh just kidding

See that flag??? Yup that's Ground Zero....and it has still not been cleaned is such a bummer

There is Manhattan...I am standing on Brooklyn grounds - oh heheh that reminds me of Newsies  "I object your honor"  "on what grounds?"  "On the grounds of Brooklyn"....hehehe

There is more of Manhattan


  1. did you get any pics of ground zero at all? it sucks that they are still cleaning up that mess tho....

  2. No...Alex did...Yeah I wish they would be awesomly organized to get it done licky split but not only that people have to have an input of what they wanna do with the place