Friday, November 7, 2008

Day 3 - I want to go to Austrailia!!!

This is like a library! This is half of the magazines that they subscribe too. Ugh imagine having to read all of that

Here are reference books...bibles...what people write

Ohhhh I met an Australian...that is his boomerang and his crocks head....That is so cool!
I wish I could make my office area more personal to my stuff and style but everyone uses my area that it isn't worth it with out it getting tossed or moved or all messed up

Check out the looks like a snake when it batts its wings
And of course a bat....crazy!

So I guess since I can't build my house I should save to go to Australia....when and whom am I gonna drag along with me??? I know I am weak I'd hate to go by myself...

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