Friday, November 7, 2008

Day 3 - Details in the Picture

This is a picture that shows two resurrections from the bible. The little boy from the widow and the lady who made clothes.

I had to get a close up of the resurrection of Tabitha because she made garments and stuff for her spiritual brothers and sisters....look you can see her drop spindle and balls of yarn :)

This isn't the best picture because of the glass glare.
But it is cool cuz it is the personnel office...that is where they process all the applications that ones place to see if they can get it...and there is a picture of Jesus with his arm stretched out as if to say 'Come'

Yes that is my pink camera...but that center back building is 79 is a residential building :)


  1. i always had a love for the pictoral renderings of the bible.... who ever it is that does them pays alot of attention to detail and accuracy...

    and secretly i always wanted to grow up and make their little mini diaoramas. they rock..... who makes those?

  2. They don't give the name but it's funny cuz the lady who did the draw close book did all of them for that book...crazy I would Love to do something like that for a living :)