Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Day 2 - Explore New York

Wooohooo I found the flee market! I found a magazine that had things to see or places to go in New York sooo hello I grew up going to the swap meet so I had to hit up the flee market. There were cool things there but this is the place I got some red kid mohair yarn and some lt. brown alpaca yarn to make Tia a scarf. The background building is a school...yes we were in a school yard and part of it was in the cafeteria.

Looking around in Central Park. It was alright except I wore flats and got a rock in my shoe. :(

This is 'The Lake'. I had to get a pic of the boat people...the dude on the side turned his face cuz he thought I was gonna take a picture of him ...NO and that lame girl got in my way errr.

OOOOO people running in Central Park. It is better then running in the street...manOman they had pollution.

Strawberry Fields...golly geepers there were so many people there....but it was decorated pretty YAY! In case you are interested Imagine is my favorite song :)


  1. you may say i'm a dreamer... but i'm not the only one.

    dude i dunno how people can run in NY with all that pollution.

  2. I know they had that marathon the other day