Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Day 2 - Empire State Building

One last stop before we go home...and this one I approved because seriously that lady better get a new arm...the only time I am going back is if I have to have to...for a secret spy mission to get to the torch...nah they will prolly shoot first and question later

This was different stain glass

The first look of up top.....I am looking Westish here...look you can see Macy's....seriously going to NY needs to be longer but I have to find a new place to visit...or 3rd times a charm

First shoot of the sun starting to set...yes it took that long to get from NW to was so crowded up there...nothing like Sleepless in Seattle...heheheh

OKAY tomorrow I will post VIDEO...or umm Friday cuz tomorrow is not cool :(


  1. i dunno if ny would be a place for me to go to what do you think?

  2. A place to visit yes...maybe we can go together and roam around...that way i have someone to protect me from weridOs

    then we can also hit up canada...oh wait ughh i need a passport