Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Day 1 - I found Wendy's

After a long very boring flight I found Wendy's. On the plane I knitted some on a sock that has been frogged for now. I brought some magazines which I flipped through and marked things to look up...better pull those out. I also listened to a bunch of pod-casts on my ipod. With all that you would think that I would be content but the fact that I was strapped to a chair for so long was torture...yes I do it at work but I have 3 feet of wiggle room and there it was only inches.
Anyways back to my Wendy's story...Last time I came to New Jersey I ate at the hotel and it was soooo expensive (I know I'm cheap) so I went on a trek to find fast food.

On my way out I saw this. It was all decked out for Halloween. I saw this and thought wow Susie and Daniel would love to have plastic over their door.

The trek back was most tiresome after a long morning and tired feet.


  1. no wiggle room?! holy moly that means i will probably never ever fly anywhere i would go insane not being able to move. maybe if i take some xanax and a beer i will be okay. nice and sedated.

  2. Yes they give you drinks on the plane...oh i mean you could buy em for $5