Thursday, April 10, 2008

Why can't I find a Good Guy??

I came across this question in a blog site: Why can't I find a good guy? The girl in this article sounded a lot like some old friends of mine. I can't really say much about this gal but you can check out what she has to say here:

I loved the response that was given regarding going through Man-Frenzy Detox.

I really think my old friends should read this. Every time I would hang out with them some way the topic of getting a guy came up. I admit that at times I am the one who brings up the boy stitch but usually it’s just cuz i know it’s gonna be brought up. But that is what the talk is about who is the latest guy, latest make out buddy, latest guy you got with at a bar, latest guy you slept with...there life seems to revolve around getting a guy. I thought for a while there something was wrong with me because yeah I liked guys but it wasn't the main focus in my life. I could never see myself as a needy person. If a guy likes me he has to put forth a lot of effort to get my attention and then keep it. I will make the effort in hanging out with him but it has to be on my terms. If I don't feel well I am not going to go over even if you beg. And I always feel like I can leave at anytime...maybe I have more of an independent perspective in this because if I have someone great and if not oh well. So next time you are asking yourself why you can’t find a good guy remember...1) you are acting to needy 2) you met them at a bar or 3) you scared them all away.


  1. yeah those people are weirdos. if you cant be comfortable and productive being alone, it won't make you 'whole' or 'complete' with someone else. especially if you sit around giggle fitting life like you are a bubble gum chewing 5th grader

  2. I like to sit around ang giggle ...not chew gum but giggle...and and and I also prolly am stuck somewhere around 3rd or 4th grade haha