Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Plan Ahead!!

So today I have not been feeling hungry. I am making sure I eat a healthy snack every 2 hours even if I am not hungry. I went to the gym today at lunch and felt really good afterwards...I don’t think I have sweat that much before. I must tell you the story of the day. I got ready to go to the gym and realized I did not have my sign in card with me. So I figured I could walk the track but it has been so windy. I went to my car to get a jacket to walk about in and realized that the jacket was not mine but a young kids. So I opt to go home at lunch to get my jacket so I can walk around in. While I was at home I realized I could get my sign in card. So I left with a jacket and sign in card and headed to the gym. I did an intense elliptical workout so i had enough time to eat lunch after. Well I have yet to eat lunch due to the fact that I was helping out a friend who needed a listening ear. Luckily I am not hungry hungry right now but I am waiting to warm my left over spaghetti to have some yum yum in my tum tum.

Oh and discovery! I have been bummed because I have been tracking my weight and have been gaining. Since I began to track my weight I have gained 4lbs. That’s like one pound a month. Well I have to say that some of that weight has to have been muscle that I have been toning up. And to make myself feel uber great my pants are loose. Not my famous New York pants but my gym pants. They usually leave me those ugly little marks from them being tight. But today I noticed that I actually had to tie the drawstrings on them to hold them up. Yay inches lost. I should track my inches but its so time consuming. I would rather see how my clothes fit. I do have a goal skirt.

Two years ago when I first started losing weight I bought a pair of pants that were my size but a brand I hardly buy. When I got home they did not fit. So my goal was not to track my weight but made my goal to fit in to those pants. I reached my pants goal and had to give those pants away because I had saggy butt pants.

How do you track your weight? by scale or tape measure or how your clothes fit?


  1. by the scale and how clothes fit.... oh and how flabby i am. like sometimes i get lazy and not so toned but my clothes still fits but i feel flabbish. daniel is getting a pot belly hehehee a tiny one. you cant see his ribs like you used to and his six pack is hiding unless he flexes hehehehee. healthy weight! remember i was telling him he needed to get fat to convert it to muscle so now he wont waste away when he starts to workout again. yay! oh yeah you should call him and make him go with you to the gym at lunch. he has been wanting to go.

  2. brains!!! eat brains like a zombie. its yummy yumm yumm!! mmmbrraaaainnnsssss.

    had a good time seeing you last night. i always enjoy your company among these other crazy peoples. we should do it more often!

    and who was telling you that you need to be fertilized! nooo! keep it the way it is =)