Friday, April 11, 2008

End of the Week!

So today is Friday! I have been doing pretty good this week with eating more on a regular basis. I haven't done much weight training this week but kept up on the cardio because that helps a bit more. So since it is Friday I figured I would discuss a little about alcohol consumption. I have been pretty good on avoiding any alcoholic beverage due to the fact that they are calories that are not obvious for me to count. Not like I even count calories but I do watch my intake of food. And with regards to my drinking it is usually water for me. So I was looking online and this is the average regarding calories:
Beer, regular 12oz. 150calories
Beer, light 12oz. 105calories
Wine 4oz. 77calories
Wine Cooler 10oz. 125calories
Vodka, Gin, Rum, Whiskey, or Scotch 1oz. 60-80 Calories
Cordials, liqueurs 1oz. 103 - 123 calories

It is a good thing that I don't drink beer because they have the most calories. I usually am a whiskey kind of gal but if I get mixed drinks then I would be in trouble. So beware of the drinks you consume.

A side note on going out to eat or drink. If you are going to a bar or restaurant remember your bartenders/waiters name. This way if they screw up you can write a note to the owners about them. But most importantly if you remember there name they will treat you more personable. Have you ever gone to a bar where you here 'hey' or 'dude' it is much better to call them by there name. You might think how the heck am I gonna ask their name when it is super busy well my answer is Just do it. Or you can visit the establishment on an off night for a refreshing beverage and ask their names then. And even if you do know their name please don't assume you are going to wait on you hand and foot they do have other patient. Also please don't forget to tip. I admit that there have been times that I have not tipped my waiter; and that is only because I can handle a lot of mess ups and attitude but when someone burns you with coffee and doesn't apologize or bring you extra napkins then you just have to eat and then walk out. Okay I still paid for my meal but (finger pointing down on the table) no tip. Also although I prefer for people to get my drinks for me (thanks sis) at a bar cuz i can't handle squeezing myself to the front of people who are just lingering i have learned to do it myself (that is unless my sister is there then she can do it ...i just end up owing a drink...anything to not make my life stressful). Anyways the reason I have brought myself to order my drinks is because whenever my friends got me a drink they never tipped and I can't be associated with that. Hello the reason they aren't helping you right away is not because you are not showing enough boobage it is cuz they know you as a no tipper. So to redeem myself a little bit I ordered my drinks and left the fellow a really good tip. Seriously if you have enough to pay your entrance fee and enough to get 5 or 6 drinks you should have enough to leave a tip as well.

So anyways have a good weekend!