Thursday, November 13, 2008

Day 7 - Last Stop to Eat

We ate at this famous restaurant...rude people but hey what can you expect when they have 4 tour buses during lunch time
oooo candy

Day 7- Tour of Vanderbilt Mansion

It's Ricks tree...and its no longer white and green but orange yellow.

This is the place we saw....its old and rustic...and smelly! Which didn't help me being sick.
Leaves.....I just wanna make a big pile and dive right in....maybe

Day 6 - Wallkill Tour

Imagine just making all that wow TV and beautiful surroundings ...I'm hungry now
Look she has my bag ....well her bag matches my boots
She prolly can't fit into my shoes so give me the bag lady

Oh thought of Susi when I saw this :)
And thus began the sickness :( and it has yet to leave

Day 6 - Wallkill in the Fall

This is quite cute...a Japanese like bridge
water fountain :)

Look at how that tree looks so awesome next to the little ...umm...thingy right there...oh what it is it called Gazebo??

oooo I want yarn that color...pretty for gloves or fingerless ones :)

Day 6 - Wallkill outside

Isn't this pretty ...Man I wish I had something pretty like that...mmm sock yarn??? or even for a sweater


so cute ...I wanna go sit in there

Day 6 - Patterson Outside

This is cool all the buildings are connected so you never have to go outside if you don't when it snows and it's really cold in the morning

This is a view of the outside of the dinning area

oooo this is interesting...the orange dots are where there is over 13,000 people with out a congregation to go to :( sad They need homes too

Day 6 - Patterson Lobby

This is quite awesome...I don't know if I would have the patience to make something like this......what am i saying of course I would!!

Getting a close up of the details

oooo this is another light fixture...hehe cuz i cant spell chandelier...pretty!

oooo I think I totally missed this last time or its new...I should have asked :)
I love waterfalls

Day 5 - Yarn Crawl in NYC

Well looking at this shot I thought oh its gonna be night time but hehe nope...sunrise from the east :P

So after a long day of shopping and running around to NY yarn shops this is what I picked looks like a lot but its not really

Seriously some sock yarn and more sock yeah I'll post more about me using up my new found far that brown yarn there has been knitted into a nice scarf for my Tia and ummmmm that's about it...oh yeah the red fuzz in the back ground is getting knit up into another scarf
wow yeah I gotta get knitting Update soon :)

Day 4 - Stanley Theater Lobby

Standing in the Lobby under the chandelier...ummm I think I spelled that wrong...

Here is a different view of the place

Ooooo Ricks other favorite pic

Oh yeah the entrance to the Theater...pretty and shiny

Day 4 - Stanley Theater Auditorium

This is the Stanley Theater

This is in the Lobby....West Coast!!
HEHE I know lame

Friday, November 7, 2008

Knitting and Weight loss Update's

Well you haven't had me talk about my weight in a while so I figured I would do a check in. I am now down to 141. Okay it is really 141.8 but still that something. I have also been able to get my body fat percentage down fewer than 30%. It's only 29.9% but again that's something good.
My goal now is to lose about 10 more pounds. YahYah I have heard that I don’t need to lose any more weight but my goal is to get fit. I want to focus on strengthening my body. Especially strengthen my forearms because of typing and knitting. My abs so my cramps won't hurt as much. I still have my goal to run a 5k and then a 10K. If after that if I feel like still pushing myself I want to do a half marathon and then a marathon. Of course these would all be for me to build seems to help my asthma. I still want to jump rope for 5 minutes straight. I haven't tested it in a while but I think I'm getting closer. And of course push up and pull ups.

Okay let’s move on to what my crafty mind is up to right now.

I have yet to cast on something new. I really want to start my socks!

I did however cast off a pair of fingerless gloves for my friend. I just need to finish weaving in the ends of one glove.

On my needles right now is one sock, my very first one! I figured before I venture on to make my very own sock that I would practice on a kid sock. You know cuz kids don't care...well notice.

On my hook right now is a top secret thingy...oh well she probably doesn't read my Right now I am working on a baby blanket for my friend. I am not even 5% done but I have many months before the kids here :P. I need to get a good movie and then sit and work on it.

Day 3 - Laundry Room in Brooklyn

This is another yarn obsessed moment...the picture has a lady (christian sister) spinning yarn on a top cool I wanna learn how to be that awesome....and look at that stash I count more then 10 ball of yarn.

I try ...but this would be a great reminder to have hehehe

The laundry room...cute

Day 3 - Brooklyn view on Manhattan

The most asked question...ARE YOU GONNA SEE THE STATUE OF LIBERTY?? Sure there it is...I hate that you can't go up to the top anymore so I avoided it...its not a big deal for me my peoples didn't come from Europe they came from Mexico...wheres that statue :P ehh just kidding

See that flag??? Yup that's Ground Zero....and it has still not been cleaned is such a bummer

There is Manhattan...I am standing on Brooklyn grounds - oh heheh that reminds me of Newsies  "I object your honor"  "on what grounds?"  "On the grounds of Brooklyn"....hehehe

There is more of Manhattan

Day 3 - Details in the Picture

This is a picture that shows two resurrections from the bible. The little boy from the widow and the lady who made clothes.

I had to get a close up of the resurrection of Tabitha because she made garments and stuff for her spiritual brothers and sisters....look you can see her drop spindle and balls of yarn :)

This isn't the best picture because of the glass glare.
But it is cool cuz it is the personnel office...that is where they process all the applications that ones place to see if they can get it...and there is a picture of Jesus with his arm stretched out as if to say 'Come'

Yes that is my pink camera...but that center back building is 79 is a residential building :)

Day 3 - Gifts

This belongs to some one who served in Mexico looks like something to weave a blanket with

I have no clue where these came from but they are awesome

Hehe this made me laugh/ makes it feel more homely then saying OFFICE

ooooo Someone did some of there service in cool